Monday, July 27, 2009

Facebook et al

I admit it. I like Facebook. Okay? Fine. I worry about students who appear to be hooked up to it all day long, like an IV. I don't think it should be an application that is used during class time in a school library. To me, it's like talking on the phone to friends, or passing notes in class -something you should not be doing. I like all the cool apps, the ability to stay in some sort of cyber-touch with anyone you've ever known, and the feeling that you are part of something global. I do not like the addictive nature of Facebook, and the friendly-feeling interface makes one forget that their personal information and photos can be seen by anyone. I know there are security settings, but let's be honest, if someone wants to see your stuff, they will. I NEVER put any photos of my children up for this reason.